This ebook is about the sculptures of artist Leonardo Pereznieto.


It is a 72 page ebook containing 53 color photos of Pereznieto's sculptures, as well as 22 working sketches by the artist. Texts by best-selling author Claudia Moscovici.


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Postromanticism: The Art of Passion

Postromanticism: The Art of Passion contains 34 pages, including 14 images from postromantic painters, sculptors and photographers around the world. Postromantic artists perpetuate and transform the Romantic heritage to render it fresh and new for our times.

This ebook can be downloaded for free.

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Postromanticism and Artistic Freedom

This 24-page ebook (which is an essay in aesthetic philosophy) can be dowloaded for free. In "Postromanticism and Artistic Freedom,"

Claudia Moscovici argues for the necessity of greater artistic variety and freedom in democratic societies.

This ebook can be downloaded for free.

Drawing the Female Figure With Live Models

This female figure drawing tutorial with live models ebook contains the procedure, with simple explanations and step-by-step photos to create each of 5 drawings. In addition it contains the links to watch the 5 videos where you will be able to see how each drawing was done, from a blank piece of paper, to tracing the figure, to shadowing, etc. up to completion. As part of the tutorial you will see the models, uncensored, so you can draw them yourself.

Created by Artist Leonardo Pereznieto.